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CPD for Early Years Settings

Nursery School

**For our free training offers and cert-4-£1 CPD courses visit our blog pages**

At Maybird Training, our Early Years Educators have collaborated closely with outstanding settings across the sector to find out the all-important answer to “What makes them Outstanding?”. The following EIF workshops focus on frequently asked questions that will help give you the tools you need to evaluate your provision and implement useful tips and simple ideas that have been tried and tested by real people in outstanding settings.

We offer the following workshops over a 2, 3 or 4-hour session. Prices range from £10-£20 per person (within Kent). Attendees will receive a CPD certificate of attendance issued by Maybird Training.


Please get in touch to discuss your requirements (also available as online learning courses subject to requirements)

Quality of Education EIF workshop (£10-£20 pp)

Key elements:

  • Is your curriculum challenging enough?

  • How do children consolidate and deepen their knowledge?

  • What is “Cultural Capital” and how do you use the curriculum to enhance the experiences and opportunities for children?

  • Is your Intent, Implementation and Impact embedded securely across the provision?

Please get in touch for more details

Behaviour and Attitudes EIF workshop (£10-£20 pp)

Key elements:

  • Do you embed the EYFS characteristics of effective learning in everything you do?

  • What can you do when attendance is poor?

  • How do you help children manage their own feelings and relate to others?

  • How do you promote high levels of respect?

  • Does your provision promote positive attitudes towards learning?

  • How do you develop children’s sense of right and wrong?

Please get in touch for more details

Personal Development EIF workshop (10-£20 pp)

Key elements:

  • Do you promote an understanding of different people, families and communities?

  • How can you routinely challenge stereotypes and help children understand they are unique?

  • What exactly is emotional literacy and how can this be encouraged?

  • Fundamental British Values – how can you get this right?

Please get in touch for more details

The following popular CPD workshops and early years foundation stage training courses can be planned and adapted around your needs but we like to keep them short, fun, and focused to encourage staff motivation and make the most of your time.

Safeguarding, Prevent and British Values in Educational Settings (£10-£20 pp)

Key elements:

  • Principles of safeguarding

  • The Prevent duty and its importance in society

  • The importance of online safety

  • The importance of Fundamental British Values

Please get in touch for more details

Using signing and symbols in early years (£10-£20 pp)

Key elements:

  • Introduction to using signs and symbols as a form of communication.

  • Learn early years specific signs and use them with confidence.

  • Learn early years specific symbols and use them with confidence.

Please get in touch for more details

Sustained shared thinking – How to get this right (£10-£20 pp)

Key elements:

  • What exactly is sustained shared thinking?

  • How to create opportunities to explore ideas and concepts together as play partners.

  • How to respond to spontaneous opportunities such as the arrival of snow or finding a spider.

  • How to enhance opportunities by planning activities that extend children’s play and learning further.

  • Inspirational ideas and activities that support sustained shared thinking for children aged 1-2yrs and 2-4 yrs.

Please get in touch for more details

Loose Parts Play - Inspiring resources for deep learning (£10-£20 pp)

Key elements:

  • Have you ever wondered exactly why the cardboard box attracts more attention than its contents? 

  • Why do children sit and play for hours with obscure objects (sticks/ pebbles/ buttons/ empty jars) without the need for adult intervention?

  • Ditch the plastic toys in exchange for 'free' natural resources.

  • Pound shop wonders!

  • How to present loose parts play to children and inspire independent play.

  • Includes resource bank and checklist with links to EYFS.

Please get in touch for more details

The true value of knowing the Playwork Principles and how to apply them in Early Years Settings (£10-20 pp)

Key elements:

  • How Early Years Educators could learn a lot from the humble Playwork principles.

  • Give the play process precedence in your setting and skillfully support play with up-to-date knowledge and reflective practice.

  • Feel like a spare part? When children spend extended time playing independently you know you're doing it right!

Please get in touch for more details

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